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Alcatel launches the first fully functional 3G/UMTS mobile system in the Benelux PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 November 2002

Alcatel officially opened its 3G Reality Centre for the Benelux in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, today. This facility is the first fully functional 3G/UMTS system in the Benelux and the newly born member to Alcatel's worldwide 3G Reality Centre program.

The 3G Reality Centre offers Alcatel and its partners, including local content and applications providers, a live and comprehensive end-to-end environment for the development and testing of advanced mobile applications and data services, in the field 3G/UMTS. Such Centres are already operational in Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Malm (Sweden), Paris, Shanghai, Taipei and now also in Rijswijk (The Netherlands). Additional 3G Reality Centres will be operational by the end of 2002, thanks to 3G UMTS pilot networks installed by Alcatel in Stuttgart (Germany), Vimercate (Italy), and by first quarter of 2003 in Australia, Japan and Korea.

The Alcatel 3G Reality Centre in Rijswijk will make available to the telecommunication industry in the Benelux practically everything revolving around 3G - from the latest data transfer of know-how and incubation of expert personnel, to applications and services. Visitors will personally experience indoor as well as outdoor 3G/UMTS communications with voice in circuit mode and data and high-speed video images in packet mode, in full compliance with UMTS 3GPP standards. Whether for international videophony calls between two 3G handsets, for web browsing, access to online information, image transfer, video streaming & downloading, and even transfer of live video.

Alcatel installed in Rijswijk its complete Evolium(TM) solution including the UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network) radio systems, the Core network, as well as the associated Radio Network Controller (RNC) and a dedicated Application Service platform. The radio systems, which include the UMTS base stations (Node B) are developed and produced by Evolium SAS, the joint venture between Alcatel and Fujitsu.

"The opening of our 3G Reality Centre in the Benelux today, shows the importance Alcatel places in the Benelux market. I envision that the Centre will help facilitate the sharing of Alcatel's expertise and experience in 3G/UMTS technology worldwide amongst our partners and content developers in the Benelux. This will result in a win-win situation for all parties and accelerate the arrival of the 3G/UMTS era", declared Marc Rouanne, President of Alcatel's Mobile Networks activities.

The 3G Reality Centre in Rijswijk is running on the latest Alcatel Evolium(TM) 3G equipment and solutions, leveraging Alcatel's expertise in GSM, GPRS, and EDGE as well as in ATM and IP technologies, with the advanced experience of Fujitsu as supplier of NTT DoCoMo, which has a UMTS commercial network in service in Japan since October 2001.

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