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Mobile Services "Will Justify Investment in 3G" Says UMTS Forum PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 January 2003

UMTS Forum Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert today expressed confidence that Europes investment in Third Generation mobile phone networks will be repaid by widespread demand over the next ten years from customers for mobile Internet, voice and data services.

Speaking at the "Mobile Services Showcase: The Driver For Mobile Business" event - jointly hosted by BITKOM and the UMTS Forum at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin - Dr Eylert stated that mobile customers in Europe are already on an evolutionary path to UMTS.

"For the industry, UMTS means more network capacity, more speed and a platform to offer enriched capabilities. For end-users, however, it simply means exciting new services. The growing success of services like picture messaging in the Far East shows that customers mobile needs and expectations are evolving. With UMTS, European operators can satisfy demand for data services on the move from business users and consumers throughout the next decade and beyond."

Addressing an audience of government officials and mobile industry representatives - including application developers from the computing, automotive, media, gaming, location and financial services industries - Eylert predicted that UMTS will drive growing revenues for operators in parallel with continued demand for 2G and 2.5G networks.

"Operators see 3G as part of a roadmap to more customers and a higher monthly spend on voice and data services. While voice will continue to dominate usage patterns for many years to come, 3G comes into its own as customers demand high bandwidth services like videoconferencing, multiplayer gaming and high-speed Internet access. This is where UMTS networks offer application developers an advantage that 2G and even 2.5G cannot satisfy in the long term."

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