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M-Commerce Discovery Event Addresses the Market Need for Trusted Relationships
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Monday, 10 March 2003

The third in the series of 'm-Commerce Discovery Events', organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to help companies apply mobile technology to their businesses, will be held at ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France on 9 and 10 April as a joint event with The UMTS Forum. This series of seminars is being organized by ETSI Project M-Commerce (EP M-Comm) in various venues around Europe and will cover both financial and telecommunications aspects.

This event, entitled 'Global Collaboration for Mobile Commerce Transactions Workshop - Addressing the Market Needs for Trusted Relationships', will bring together the telecommunications and banking communities to address market needs. It will examine the role of collaboration in enabling mobile commerce, concentrating particularly on the importance of trusted relationships in e-Transactions. The event will provide a market analysis and strategic outlook for 2003-2005 and will help to identify the prospects for interoperable platforms. It will review partnering scenarios and technical aspects of m-commerce arrangements, leverage the current mobile payment infrastructures and assess collaborative solutions and the value chain business model.

This seminar brings together standardization bodies, fora and consortia for the first time in a global collaboration effort, presenting lessons learned, offering opportunities and identifying potential threats. By bringing together telecommunications and banking communities in one location, it will help to build consensus and enable trusted transaction relationships, paving the way to partnerships which will make m-Commerce a reality.

Topics to be covered include: m-Signatures, operator requirements for mobile commerce standards, mobile Digital Rights Management (DRM), the work of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the Mobile Payment Forum, Radicchio and liability in mobile transactions. There will be presentations from an industry perspective and by ETSI, The UMTS Forum and CEN/ISSS - Information Society Standardization System, as well as panel discussions on Market Players and the Need for Global Collaboration; Developing User-Centred and User-Trusted Services; and Partnering for Success.

Previous events in this series have already been held in London on 28 February, entitled 'Mobilizing Business', and in Rotterdam on 12 February, entitled 'Mobile Services and e-Banking'. These seminars attracted delegates from the world of finance, banking and telecommunications, as well as consumers such as local authorities and commercial users. The fourth event in the series, which was to have been held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 12 March, has been cancelled.

Recognizing that mobile communications have a significant part to play in the changing face of business, the European Commission is funding these seminars under its eEurope initiative, which includes among its goals the development of e-Commerce. All the seminars are open to everyone.

Like the other seminars in this series of Discovery Events, the 'Global Collaboration for Mobile Commerce Transactions Workshop - Addressing the Market Needs for Trusted Relationships' is open to everyone. The closing date for registration is 2 April 2003.

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