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The UMTS Forum involvement at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2003 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 June 2003

UMTS Forum spectrum experts will be actively involved at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-03), which starts today. The conference which runs until the 4 July 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, is a key event on the telecoms calendar - exploring, among other topics, the issue of the timely availability of spectrum for future UMTS/IMT-2000 requirements.

The UMTS Forum has participated in studies regarding the initial and future spectrum requirements for IMT-2000. Following the identification of the bands 1885-2025/2110-2200 MHz for IMT-2000 created by WARC-92, (on which the first UMTS/IMT-2000 deployments are taking place), the continuation of development for UMTS/IMT2000 networks was further assured by the additional spectrum identified by WRC-2000. In particular, the identification of the band 2500 - 2960 MHz provides the UMTS/IMT-2000 community with certainty about access to additional spectrum within the timescales required by anticipated market needs.

The UMTS Forum believe that for terrestrial IMT-2000 it is vital that the band 2500-2690 MHz, which was identified by WRC-2000 for IMT-2000 on a global basis, needs to be unconstrained by interference from Broadcasting Satellite systems (BSS) in the relevant parts of the band. Furthermore, it is crucial that there exists an effective regulatory and technical regime to underpin the long term global planning of terrestrial IMT-2000 in the 2.5 GHz band.

It is the UMTS Forum's belief that for IMT-2000 to develop to its full potential it is essential for WRC-03 to propose an appropriate agenda item for WRC-07 to review and take any necessary action on results of further studies on the spectrum requirements for the future development of IMT-2000.

Jean-Pierre Bienaim, chairman, UMTS Forum comments: "Mobile communications have now become an essential part of daily life and the improvement of mobile networks and services is essential for economic growth. The decisions of the World Radiocommunication Conference on agenda items 1.22 and 1.34 will contribute to this process. The UMTS Forum will continue to bring its support and contributions to ITU".

UMTS Forum experts in the spectrum field will be involved in the work of WRC-03, including Jean-Pierre Bienaim, chairman, Thomas Sidenbladh, vice chairman and Josef F. Huber, vice chairman.

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