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Eastern Europe should learn from West's 3G licensing lessons, urges UMTS Forum PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 September 2002

Addressing an ITU sub-regional conference in Moscow, UMTS Forum Vice Chairman Thomas Sidenbladh urged administrations in Eastern Europe to draw on lessons learned from the licensing process of 3G in EU Member States and other Western European territories.

Speaking at the ITU sub-regional conference (Eastern Europe and CIS) on IMT-2000, Sidenbladh warned of the financial imposition on operators caused by administrations collecting high license payments before networks are launched and generating appreciable revenues.

"We have seen some instances where auction-style awards have drained a lot of money from at the early stage of network deployment. Other countries that have yet to finalize their own licensing process should be aware of the possible consequences of a methodology that causes large up-front payments by operators."

Sidenbladh also underlined the importance of allowing cooperation between mobile operators to achieve rapid coverage with their 3G networks.

"Governments should simplify the process of identifying and acquiring sites for 3G base stations", urged Sidenbladh. "One way to help achieve this would be to agree on common levels of environmental conditions between countries and regions."

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