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Thursday, 03 October 2002

Addressing delegates at this year's UMTS Mobile Internet conference in Paris, UMTS Forum Vice Chairman Thomas Sidenbladh urged the mobile industry to remain steadfast in the face of cynicism regarding the future success of 3G.

In his opening remarks as Chairman on the first day of the conference, Sidenbladh drew comparisons with GSM networks that have become a centrepiece of the modern world, despite being launched during a sharp downturn in the industrial climate of the early 1990's. "We must not be fooled by short-term business problems, but the long-term future for telecoms and 3G remains bright."

Sidenbladh also challenged critics who remain dismissive of as-yet unseen 3G services. "It's a brave statement for anyone to claim that nobody needs new multimedia services. Just as Bill Gates once claimed that a PC would never need more than 640kb of working memory, experts in the 1980's told us that the market for mobile services was at most a few percent of the population. We're building for the future right now, and new services will surely emerge to make use of the generous capacity that 3G offers."

"The days of explosive growth that characterised the 1990's may be behind us", concluded Sidenbladh, "but the truth is that the telecoms industry has outgrown GNP for most of the last hundred years." Predicting future growth rates of around 10% growth for the sector, Sidenbladh reminded delegates: "the potential for telecommunications services remains extremely large."

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