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"Vodafone MobileTV Player": the remote control for TV on UMTS mobile phones


Vodafone's MobileTV service is expanding in size and diversity all the time. That's why Vodafone has decided to launch a remote control for extra mobile TV viewing convenience. The "Vodafone MobileTV Player" is available now. It has a logical user interface for fast access to functions, TV stations and programmes. Basically, the Vodafone MobileTV Player is a remote control for mobile TV on UMTS phones that makes a very positive difference to mobile entertainment convenience.

You can flick through the MobileTV programme like you would a television programme listing magazine, you can surf the stations, check out the programmes on air, save your favourite channels and change the volume, just as you can with your TV remote control at home. The new Vodafone MobileTV Player does all these things at no extra cost.

The Vodafone MobileTV Player's user interface has a very clear and logical layout. It only takes a few clicks to access the programmes. The player has a reduced design and intuitive buttons. For navigation and selection, the customer simply uses his or her mobile phone control pad.

The arrow keys allow navigation up and down the channels. Channel zapping on mobile phones is now a reality thanks to the Vodafone MobileTV Player. The zapping function is perfect for customers with the "live! Fuball-Flatrate" option, because they can use it to watch all the Bundesliga and second Bundesliga matches live.

The Vodafone MobileTV Player can be downloaded free of charge from the Vodafone live! portal now. You'll find it in the "MobileTV" section. Alternatively, you can call up the page by sending a text message with the key word "TV" to 55555 (it costs the same as a standard text message).

Initially, the new TV Player will be compatible with Vodafone's top four UMTS phones: the two Motorola models, V980 and E770, and Sony Ericsson's V600 and V630i. It will soon be available for the majority of TV-capable UMTS phones, though.

The amazing variety of entertainment that Vodafone MobileTV offers is definitely here to stay. There are over 30 channels delivering an excellent range of up to the minute programmes. The basic channels that are available free of charge to customers who have Vodafone tariffs with all-inclusive benefits include n-tv (live), Eurosport (live), CNN (live) and Wetter-TV (live), a weather channel. The TopEntertainment channels include popular programmes such as the Vodafone Freistoss football programme, MTV Music (live), Comedy World, National Geographic (live), Nickelodeon, Verliebt in Berlin, GZSZ and Euro D. One hour of MobileTV use, including TopEntertainment channels, in the German Vodafone network costs three euro. Further usage costs EUR 0.75 per five minutes. Vodafone also offers a flatrate for unlimited national use of the TopEntertainment channels on MobileTV for ten euro a month. Vodafone UMTS network coverage already exists in more than 2000 German towns and cities.

Please visit the website at www.vodafone.de/mobiletv for further information.