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Thursday, 28 September 2006

Mobitel is upgrading their UMTS network by HSDPA technology, which will be available for Mobiusers as well. This means that Slovenia is joining countries, where operators offer mobile data transfer at megabyte speeds. Already at this point, Mobitel offers a wide range of HSDPA data cards and in future Mobitel will also offer mobile phones supporting megabyte transfer speeds.

Mobitel is currently upgrading their UMTS network with HSDPA technology (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and enables, as the first mobile operator, mobile data transfer at megabyte speeds. Expert group at Mobitel is very pleased with trial-period results of HSDPA. Terminal equipment at this point already enables speeds of up to 1,8 Mb/s in direction towards users and up to 384 kb/s in direction towards the network. In future, however, mobile transfer of speeds up to 3,6 Mb/s is expected. HSDPA's higher data-transfer speeds enable a better mobile broadband access to internet, e-mail and information systems and more effective use of most demanding multimedia services.

Megabyte speeds require suitable mobile phones or HSDPA PC-cards. Therefore, Mobitel already provides different types of HSDPA PC-cards. The range will also expand in future months, since all manufacturers are starting to offer HSDPA within their types of PC-cards and mobile phones. HSDPA terminals work in UMTS and in GSM/GPRS networks. Automatic migration is possible, whereas megabyte speed of data transfer is available where UMTS network has been upgraded by HSDPA. HSDPA can be used abroad, where Mobitel has concluded roaming agreements for UMTS and the local operator has already upgraded their network with HSDPA. Most advanced mobile operators are also introducing HSDPA technology, which means that megabyte mobile transfer will soon be possible in most developed countries of the world.

Mr Bojan Dremelj, MSc, Managing Director of Mobitel and President of the Board of Telekom Slovenija welcomes HSDPA to existing range of Mobitel services: "I am one of the first users of HSDPA and I am very excited. It's a huge step in mobile telecommunications and I am certain that our users will feel the same about it. HSDPA adds to complete range of services and products of Telekom Slovenija Group, since megabyte broadband access is possible not only by means of 'wires', but also through 'air'. Our users deserve best possible services at affordable rates, and all members of Telekom Slovenija Group share the goal to do everything we can to meet their expectations."

Mr Mitja ?tular, PhD, Director of Technology Area at Mobitel expects HSDPA will be widely recognized very soon: "Technology, which enables megabyte transfer speeds, brings forward a number of advantages for its users. I am certain that most users will require mobile terminals, which apart from UMTS also support HSDPA."

HSDPA will be available throughout Mobitel UMTS network, which already covers more than 70% of population. The gradual upgrading process of UMTS network will be completed within a few months. Now, HSDPA is available at several reception-emission stations in Ljubljana.

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