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Wednesday, 26 July 2006


Australia's first ever mobile video call in 2003 took place using 3 mobile technology and marked a significant milestone in 3G mobile communication. Three years on and 10 million video calls later, 3 mobile celebrates its coming of age in Australia's mobile market.

As Australia's first 3G network, 3 mobile has led the market in 3G and attracted more than one million customers along the way, with a fresh and innovative approach to mobile services and content. Through the introduction of diverse content ranging from music, Mobile TV, news, sports, weather and social networking to entertainment, games and movies, 3 has taken the mobile far beyond traditional voice calls.

Since 3 launched in 2003, almost 20 million videos and Mobile TV streams have been viewed and 18.5 million news events have been accessed via 3 mobile. On 14 million occasions in three years, sport fans have kept up-to-date with scores, stats, video highlights or watched events such as the Australian cricket matches and the FIFA World Cup live on their 3 mobiles.

3 customers are also making the most of the '3 community' and benefiting from free national voice call minutes to other 3 subscribers, spending the equivalent of over 1,896 years talking to each other on their 3 phones since launch!

Kevin Russell, CEO of Hutchison's 3 said: "3 mobile has entertained people with live Mobile TV programs such as Big Brother; had Socceroos fans on the edge of their seats during the FIFA World Cup; kept people up-to-date with the latest news and has given customers music on the go with more than 4.5 million real music downloads in the last three years."

"We're proud to have taken the first steps in enabling people to stay connected through video calling, mobile email or instant messaging and using their mobile for more than just making calls."

An increasing percentage of 3's customer base falls into the 40 plus range, and they're not just using traditional voice services, with 49% of 40-44 year olds and 42% of 45+ year olds, purchasing content from 3's portal, Planet 3.

"At 3 we look at it in terms of age vs. mindset. Making 3G services relevant is what is key, not what age you are. Content use is no longer the domain of the youth market or the technology early adopters."

"This entire journey has given us enormous insight and learnings - customers have shown us they want more from their mobile. The future for 3 is incredibly exciting and we look forward to sharing it with more Australians every day, " Mr Russell said.

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