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Vodafone's Radio DJ is About to be Launched PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Vodafone's most innovative UMTS music service is about to go on air. It's special because customers can either select a music genre from a range of preset channels or compile a play list for a personalised radio programme. If they like a song that they have just heard, they can buy it and download to any download-capable mobile phone or PC. All Radio DJ functions can be used on both mobile phones and PCs.

Vodafone customers with an UMTS phone or PC can be a 'Radio DJ' and create their own personalised radio programme. They can put together their own play lists and simply skip songs they don't want to hear or remove them from the programme altogether. Vodafone customers have simple quickstart access to the Radio DJ service via their UMTS phones or on the Internet at Then, they are directly linked to the current programme where they will find a range of preset programmes covering all genres of music, from rock, pop, hip-hop, party music and chart hits to ballads. The programme is started at the touch of a button, and the user controls the play sequence with the 'pause', 'stop' or 'skip' functions.

Anyone who prefers to choose their own music can create a personalised programme, either on their mobile phone or at home on the PC. To do this, they select a menu and customise their favourite programme in a step-by-step process. First of all, the customer decides on the music genre (pop or rock, for instance), followed by a decade (e.g. the 90s). When the music genre has been selected, the programme can be further customised to match the listener's mood, from 'relaxed', 'romantic', 'melancholic' and 'happy' to 'powerful'. When this filter is in place, the customer's personalised play list is compiled. The sequence in which the songs are played is a surprise, just like it is in a conventional radio programme.

The selection of songs in the personalised programme can be narrowed down even more by rating the songs that are played with 'like it' or 'never again'. Songs can also be removed from the programme or, alternatively, songs in a similar style by other artists can be added. There are practically no limits to the number of programmes that can be created.

If the Vodafone customer likes a song so much that he wants to download it, he can click it onto his request list and download it in MP3 quality.

Various 'collections' are also available as the result of a partnership between Radio DJ and other (music) providers. These are preset play lists including up to 15 songs on a certain theme, such as Christmas, summer etc.

"Mobile music is one of the big growth markets. UMTS makes it possible for us to introduce new, innovative services such as Radio DJ in addition to mobile music downloads. Vodafone is already the leading mobile music download provider. And we're already number three - and still advancing - in the Internet music services market," said Fritz Joussen, CEO of Vodafone Germany.

You can listen to as much music as you like on your mobile phone or on your PC at home for only EUR 9.99 a month extra. Radio DJ is available for mobile phones on a trial basis for EUR 1.49 per hour. The following models support all functions of this UMTS music service: Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, N70 and N91. Further models from other manufacturers will be successively included in the range. A slightly modified version of the Radio DJ service can be used on all other UMTS phones. Radio DJ is available wherever UMTS network coverage exists - currently in 1,800 German towns and cities. Vodafone's Radio DJ partner is Sony NetworkServices.

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