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Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Aussie men are planning to stay up late to watch an average of 15 live matches during the World Cup. The extra 30 hours 1 watching football will result in an average of seven and a half hours less sleep a week 2. These are some of the findings of a straw poll conducted by 3 mobile, amongst men between the ages of 18 and 39, to mark the launch of its FIFA World Cup Pack.

The results, released today show that the football fever about to engulf our nation will leave the average Aussie male (and his girlfriend!) sleep deprived and blurry-eyed.

Whilst sleep deprivation is likely to affect performance at work, many fans might not make it into work at all with one third of men surveyed considering or having decided to take sick leave during the tournament.

Not surprisingly, more than 94% of football fans surveyed plan to drink beer during the tournament but 83% of the drinkers are planning to sink three or more beers each game - that's 45 additional beers over the tournament at an average cost of more than $150. 3

But it's not all bad news for employers and football dispassionate colleagues and partners - 3 mobile is giving fans an alternative. Now football lovers can catch all the World Cup action on their 3 mobile plus get video highlights of every match played.

For only $8 per month fans can watch unlimited:

- Official FIFA video highlights of every match
- Official FIFA Video highlights of every match from 2002
- Live matches
- Replays
- Live Scores
- Team profiles
- Group tables and schedules
- Match previews and reviews
- Latest news

A mad football fan Kurt Ridgeway from Sydney said about his strategy for the World Cup: "I've been in training for the World Cup for some time now - practising limiting my sleep, putting in some long hours at work and building in quality time with my girlfriend before it all begins. I'll definitely be watching as many of the live games as I can get away with, but now that I know the action is on 3, I can watch the highlights on the way to work and catch replays of the games I otherwise couldn't have stayed awake for." 3 mobile is the official mobile video provider for FIFA 2006 World Cup.

1 Based on the fact that all games will be broadcast post-11pm and prior to 5am and each game will consume two hours of viewing time (90
mins of game time plus half time)
2 Based on the four week duration of the tournament
3 Based on 15 games and three schooners per game priced at $3.50 each

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