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Vodafone K.K. Further Expands International Roaming Service Areas PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Vodafone K.K. announces today that from 7 June 2006 it will expand international roaming service areas in which customers can use their Vodafone K.K. 3G handsets*1 abroad. With this 3 area expansion, roaming will be available to Vodafone K.K. customers traveling to Bolivia (in South America), and Gabon and Zimbabwe (both in Africa), enabling them to make voice calls in a total of 154 countries and regions.

To further improve customer convenience, Vodafone K.K. is progressively increasing the number of roaming partners in countries and regions where roaming is available. As of 7 June, Vodafone K.K. will have tied up with multiple operators in 61 of the 154 supported countries and regions, allowing customers to roam on a total of 217 networks.

Since launching international roaming services in December 2002, Vodafone K.K. has expanded its lineup of 3G handsets that can be used abroad. Currently customers can choose from 11 models*2 capable of roaming in the latest Vodafone K.K. catalogue (for May 2006). Vodafone K.K. will continue to expand roaming service areas to offer even richer global communication to customers.

*1 Some 3G handsets such as the Vodafone 905SH (scheduled to go on sale from 27 May 2006), Vodafone 802N and Vodafone 703N are for use in Japan only.
*2 Including the Vodafone Connect Card VC701SI.
*3 Video call roaming is available in 13 countries and regions: UK, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Canary Islands, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, and San Marino.

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