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Vodafone Links up UMTS Phones to Home PCs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 June 2006

Vodafone is extending the boundaries of the home PC with its innovative Vodafone My PC service. Vodafone customers can now access data on their home PC using their UMTS phone. The data is transmitted via streaming, and the new service means that UMTS phone users can access their entire music or photo collections without using up the phone's limited memory capacity. The home PC is conveniently accessed via the Vodafone live! portal. This new service is currently available free of charge as part of a pilot project.

Vodafone My PC gives users direct access to their music files in all standard formats (MP3, for instance), and it also enables them to show digital photos that are stored on the home PC on their mobile phone display. The photos are automatically adapted to the phone display's requirements. Videos and other moving image formats, such as digital holiday videos or movie trailers, or video clips that are available via a TV tuner card on the PC, can also be viewed on the UMTS handset. If a webcam is linked up to the PC, these images can also be streamed to the phone.

All you have to do to use this service is register at the Vodafone My PC link on the Vodafone live! portal. Then you have to install the free software on your PC. It can be downloaded from When you have set up Vodafone My PC, all the directories and files on your stationary PC can be accessed from your UMTS phone.

Vodafone customers will not be charged any additional costs for use of this service during the pilot project (which runs until 30 September 2006). All they need is a UMTS phone and a PC with Windows XP or Windows Media Center. Vodafone recommends that a broadband connection with a flat-rate tariff is used to connect the stationary PC up to the Internet.

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