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Bitflash, Texas Instruments to offer TI's OMAP platform with 3GPP-compliant Bitflash Mobile SVG Player PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 July 2002

BitFlash(TM) and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced today the BitFlash Mobile SVG Player will be made available as part of a standard software offering on TIs popular OMAP(TM) platform. Handset manufacturers will have the option of incorporating BitFlashs market-leading player into their 2.5G and 3G mobile phones and wireless PDAs with TIs OMAP family of high-performance, power-efficient processors, including the OMAP1510 and OMAP710 devices.

With this solution, handset manufacturers will be able to meet the new 2D graphics multimedia standard mandated by the Third Generation Partners Program (3GPP) for multimedia messaging services (MMS) on next-generation devices. End-users will receive animations, cartoons, e-cards, e-mail attachments and other multimedia-rich, interactive graphics on their 2.5G and 3G mobile devices.

"Now that Mobile SVG is a 3GPP standard, device manufacturers and wireless operators will require a Mobile SVG player as a default component," says Paul Werp, worldwide marketing director for TI's OMAP platform. "The BitFlash Mobile SVG Player on TI's OMAP platform is a powerful SVG solution for our wireless customers to deliver exciting multimedia rich content. BitFlash's Mobile SVG technology provides mobile phone and wireless PDA manufacturers ease of portability, allowing them to run predictable, high-quality scalable vector graphics on any high-level operating system that runs on the OMAP platform."

"The BitFlash Mobile SVG Player, combined with the high-performance, low-power consumption of the OMAP platform, will provide handset manufacturers with a foundation for delivering rich, standards-based multimedia content with smooth Mobile SVG playback and without compromising battery life," explains Donna Ronayne, vice president of business development at BitFlash. "The combined offering also provides exceptional functionality in a surprisingly small footprint -- ideal for handset manufacturers who are under pressure to offer increased functionality without dramatically increasing the cost of production."

Mobile SVG is a subset of the scalable vector graphics file format -- a way to handle graphics and text in the XML language. Unlike bitmaps, SVG scales without compromising resolution. It also supports keyword searches, interactivity, hyperlinks, zooming and panning, and so on.

BitFlash Mobile SVG Player for TI's OMAP platform is scheduled to be available from TI in the fourth quarter of this year.

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