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Ericsson and MTN Demonstrate Commercial HSDPA as an Alternative to ADSL PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Ericsson and MTN South Africa are first in demonstrating how 3G networks using WCDMA technology enable new mobile broadband services as well as a cost efficient fixed broadband alternative, when combining HSDPA and Fixed Wireless Terminals.

Fixed Wireless Terminals is a solution for providing voice and high-speed data services using widely deployed mobile networks such as WCDMA. HSDPA is new technology used on 3G networks enabling true broadband data rates. Combining Fixed Wireless Terminals with HSDPA makes it possible for MTN to offer the most cost efficient wireless alternative to ADSL for delivering broadband data services to the residential market.

Because the service can be offered not only in traditional ADSL areas, but everywhere in the mobile network coverage area, HSDPA technology will help bridge the digital divide in developing countries by enabling cost efficient access to productivity tools such as e-mail and Internet.

HSDPA, the next step in the evolution path of WCDMA, enables download data speeds of up to 14 Mbps, making response times for interactive services faster. HSDPA utilizes existing network investments, enabling WCDMA to cater for everything from mobile voice telephony and video telephony, mobile TV, mobile broadband to laptops, and now also fixed services with ADSL speed.

Mikael Bck, Vice President WCDMA Radio Network says: "With over a billion users on the Internet, broadband has become the fastest growing telecom service ever. Ericsson is now supporting MTN to benefit from this growth by leveraging on their existing assets and the smooth evolution of 3G to higher bit rates and more cost efficient capacity with HSDPA"

Hilton Goodhead, General Manager Radio Network Planning & Optimisation at MTN, says; "With the capabilities of Ericsson's WCDMA and HSDPA solution, we are now in a position to leverage on an attractive broadband market by offering first class broadband services to South African consumers"

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