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Vodafone K.K. 3G Subscribers Surpass 2 Million PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Vodafone K.K. today announces that as of 21 November 2005 its 3G subscribers exceeded 2 million. The achievement comes approximately 7 months after surpassing the 1 million mark in April 2005 and approximately 3 years after the service launch in December 2002.

Vodafone K.K.'s 3G subscriber growth is attributable to the following:

Enhanced 3G handset lineup

Expanded service area, 99.87%*1 domestic population coverage

Global roaming service*2 that allows customers to use overseas the same Vodafone K.K. 3G handset*3 that they use in Japan

Enriched 3G content such as Chaku-Uta Full and electronic comics

Introduction of easy-to-understand flat-rate services such as Mail Flat-rate, Dual Packet Flat-rate, Family Call Flat-rate and Love Flat-rate

Vodafone Connect Card 3G data card service that can be used both in Japan and abroad

A sales and after-service network including 1,817*1 Vodafone shops nationwide
With enhanced 3G services, handset lineup and service area, Vodafone K.K. continues to offer richer communication to customers.

*1: As of 31 October 2005.
*2: As of 22 November 2005 voice roaming is available on GSM networks in 129 countries and regions, with Vodafone live! internet roaming in 56 of them. In addition, 3G (W-CDMA) voice roaming is available on networks in 23 countries and regions abroad, with Vodafone live! roaming in 21 and video call roaming available in 6 of them.
*3: Some 3G handsets such as the Vodafone 802N/703N are for use in Japan only.

- Chaku-Uta Full is a registered trademark of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
- Vodafone Connect Card is a trademark of Vodafone K.K.
- Vodafone, Vodafone live! and the speech mark symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vodafone Group Plc.

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