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Shazell, President, Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATiS) SINGAPORE  Adopting a Clean and Green Agenda  9.00 Keynote Address World Renewable Energy Congress  Energy Efficiency, Electricity Rationalization and the Role of Green Telecom in Asia - The role of renewable energy in the telecom industry - Electricity reduction through legislation and efficiency - Building Green Industry based on photovoltaic technology Prof Ali Sayigh, Chairman, World Renewable Energy Congress and Director General of WREN UK 9.30 Thinking Green: The Business Case For A Long Term Strategy - Assessing the business viability for a green strategy : looking at ROIs - Reviewing costs and the impact on productivity and service : what are the effects on operators OPEX and CAPEX - Outlining ways for competitiveness whilst maintaining margins 10.00 GSMA PresentationGreen Power for Mobile (GPM) Programme : Facilitating Collaboration and Open Dialogue To Drive The Green Strategy Forward - Establishing the Green Power for Mobile (GPM) programme and its key objectives - How can GPM bring connectivity to regions currently lacking coverage - Supporting the assessment of green power alternatives and reducing green power learning curves 10.30Morning refreshments  11.00 Operator  The COAI Perspective On Green Telecoms - Acting as an industry : serving the Indian customer with eco-friendly initiatives - Assessing the commercial and social impact of green adoption in India - Lessons learnt from green deployments in rural India T R Dua, Deputy Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) INDIA 11.30 Operator Pursuing Pro-environment Alternative Energy Solutions For The Philippines - Enabling cell sites in off-grid locations through wind, solar, hybrid systems - Realising the benefits of Smarts Alternative Power for Cell Sites programme reduced operational costs lower diesel consumption reduced oil spills and carbon emissions better community relations seamless data/ voice service in off-grid areas - Reviewing the challenges in deployment and lessons learnt RESERVED : Jun Costes, Snr Manager Transmission Planning & Engineering, Smart Communications PHILIPPINES 12.00 Financers PanelFinancing Green Power Deployments In Telecom Networks - Reviewing the capital expense for going green and payback periods to financing organizations - Determining the availability of low cost capital to offset the high CAPEX costs - Assessing long term commercially viable solutions for developing regions in Asia Panelists - Prof Ali Sayigh, Chairman, World Renewable Energy Congress and Director General of WREN UK 12.30Networking luncheon  Green Movements On Telecom Networks  2.00 Operator  Green Cell Sites For India : Opportunities To Reduce Energy Costs And The Impact On The Environment - Examining alternative energy sources for the telecom network - Comparing renewable power sources against current power / diesel generator cost, reliability, output predictability, environmental impact - Developing energy saving techniques for power consumption optimization - Analyzing cost-benefit models : reducing network OPEX and CO2 emissions Konesh Kochal, Snr Manager Technology, Bharti Airtel INDIA 2.30 Operator Identifying The Real Value Of Eco-Friendly Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) In Rural Asia - Realizing energy consumption reductions and lowered operational expenses - Addressing rural power challenges : benefits and challenges with utilizing wind, solar, photovoltaic, fuel cells and biofuel technologies. - The need to improve energy efficiencies in older base stations - Departing from diesel generators and its inherent high cost of ownership Nguyen Nam Long, Deputy Director, Vietnam Telecom National Corp (VTN) VIETNAM 3.00 Operator 3.30 Panel DisucssionBringing Green Telecom To Bhutan Enabling The Delivery Of Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Networks - Regulator considerations with regards to Green Telecom enablement - Analysing differing requirements from rural regions and the impact on the operator - Assessing the Green challenge : cost of ownership, timescales, ROI, etc. Wangay Dorji, Head Telecommunications, Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority BHUTAN Solutions For Energy Efficient Telecom Networks: Where Are The Opportunities, Risks And Challenges? - Detailing the critical components for an energy-efficient network: objective and verifiable data standards to support 'green' claims - Designing and engineering energy-friendly networking platforms - Best practices for adopting efficient power saving strategies - Preparing for the impact of next generation technology on power consumption Moderator Lord John E. Shazell, President, Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATiS) SINGAPORE 4.00Afternoon refreshments  4.30  Utilising Renewable Energy As A Business Case To Connect The Unconnected : Moving The Green Power Debate From Hype To Reality - Assessing the commercial viability of using renewable energy for the Telecoms network : forecasting savings on diesel and carbon emission reduction - Meeting social and environmental responsibilities along with economic performance - Dialog shares on Green Power trials : a progress report and challenges detected RESERVED FOR DIALOG TELEKOM 5.00 The Role Of The Telecoms Operator In Driving Initiatives For A Greener Environment - Are Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) like emissions trading and carbon offsetting enough? - Determining the parallels between carbon emissions reductions and cost reductions - Drawing out the benefits from telecommunications : reduce travel, home-offices and tele-presence and conferencing 5.30 Operator RoundtableDefining And Shaping The Green Telecom Environment - Understanding the primary motivating factors corporate responsibility, energy efficiency, or threat of regulation - What role can the ICT sector play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions? - Identifying the decision making process of whether to use green power solutions in the operators networks - Creating momentum for recycling and reuse of wireless devices : solutions for enhancing public awareness Panelists - Wangay Dorji, Head Telecommunications, Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority BHUTAN - T R Dua, Deputy Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) INDIA - Konesh Kochal, Snr Manager Technology, Bharti Airtel INDIA - Nguyen Nam Long, Deputy Director, Vietnam Telecom National Corp (VTN) VIETNAM 6.00End of conference followed by evening cocktail reception  ADDITIONAL TOPICS Evolving The Network In A Low-Carbon Economy - Overview of the evolving environmental and regulatory climate : how will this impact telcos and equipment vendors - Forecasting the developments of eco-friendly telecoms networks : next-generation network topologies, components, energy management, etc - Driving green innovation : Examining emerging green power technologies Developing Common Standards To Test And Measure Energy Efficiency In The Telecoms Network - Developing standardized metrics to help network operators and vendors facilitate benchmarking - Calculating how much power is used for computing against support functions like cooling, power conversion, etc - Compiling best practice initiatives      )*+456\`ab|}ͼr]rPCrCrCrh_5CJOJQJaJhmh5CJOJQJaJ(h4h=^5B*CJOJQJaJphh4h5CJOJQJaJh4h=^5CJOJQJaJh4h=^5h4h=^5B*ph(h4h=^5B* CJOJQJaJph h4h=^5B*OJQJphhh~>=OJQJ&hMMhHU5CJOJQJ\^JaJ&hMMh~>=5CJOJQJ\^JaJ)*+4567<=YZvv $Ifgd=^Skd$$Ifl(#D%  t D%644 laPp yt4 $$Ifa$gd~>= $$Ifa$gd4gd$dd@&[$\$a$gd~>= Z[\ab}   ~ $Ifgd"5 $$Ifa$gdmh $$Ifa$gd4 $Ifgd=^Vkds$$Ifl0(#X tD%644 laPyt4        ! 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