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News from the Congress

Getting Around: 3G and Global Terminal Circulation

Less glamorous than shiny new handsets and talk of exciting services, global circulation of mobile terminals nevertheless remains crucial to successful market uptake of 3G. With confirmation from the ITU of a technical framework that will streamline the circulation of IMT-2000 terminals, 3G's future as a truly global system is ensured.

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Community is King: 3G Operators Must Learn from SMS to Capture Their Customers

19-22 February 2002: 'Communities' of users linked by family or personal interests will drive early uptake of Mobile Multimedia Messaging Services on 3G networks, predicts The UMTS Forum. Speaking in the Panel Session 'Identifying The Value in Content and Applications' at this year's 3GSM World Congress, UMTS Forum Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert stated that consumers will lead the way with early adoption of MMS, ahead of business users.

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Softened economy will not impair long term success for 3G predicts UMTS Forum study - market still worth $1 trillion over next decade

19-22 February 2002: Recent updates to the Forum's ongoing series of market forecasts for global 3G service revenues indicate that 3G still remains a substantial market opportunity worth $1 trillion over the next decade. Due to the current downturn in the telecommunications sector worldwide, the Forum predicts that short term revenues will be reduced by 17% through 2004 representing a total reduction in annual revenues of $10 billion to operators.

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The UMTS Forum warns against stringent regulation for global circulation of 3G terminals

19-22 February 2002: Inappropriate regulation surrounding the global circulation of 3G terminals could stifle innovation and natural market growth rather than protect 3G network performance warns The UMTS Forum.

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UMTS Forum at the Congress

Wednesday 20th February 2002

Track 2 - Service Access & Usabiliity
Easy Access to Network Services & Content
Chair - Paola Tonelli, Chair, Operators Group, UMTS Forum

Track 3 - Partnerships & Relationships
Regulation & Public Policy
Panel - Tomas Sidenbladh, Vice Chairman, UMTS Forum

Thursday 21st February 2002

Keynote Session - Content & Applications: Creating Value
Identifying the Value in Content & Applications
Panel - Bernd Eylert, Chairman, UMTS Forum


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