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July 24th 2000

3GPP LISTENS TO ITS MARKET VOICE - China MRPs meeting confirms future work on terminals and 3G roadmap

24 July 2000: At a meeting of the Third Generation Partnership Project ( in Beijing last week (July 17-19), the five current Market Representation Partners renewed their commitment as '3G market makers' via their work in contributing to the development of technical standards for third-generation IMT-2000 mobile systems.

The five MRPs (Global Mobile Suppliers Association; GSM Association (; Ipv6 Forum (; UMTS Forum (; Universal Wireless Communications Consortium ( contribute to the standards definition work of 3GPP through their own perspective on market issues. This insight into customer requirements is crucial to the work of 3GPP as it provides a 'real world' framework to assist with the creation of technical standards for third generation mobile phone services and equipment.

"Third generation mobile has been conceived from the ground up as a system to meet the real needs of users globally', said UMTS Forum Vice Chairman Chris Wildey. 'As the licensing process accelerates across Europe and in other territories it is increasingly recognised that the Market Representation Partners within 3GPP have a key role to play in refining standards that will deliver the vision of affordable access to wireless multimedia services for mobile users everywhere. By ensuring that the vital work of 3GPP mirrors the needs and constraints of real market needs, all MRPs can make a significant contribution to hastening the global success of third generation systems."

The MRPs presented reports on three areas of current work:

  • Identifying and addressing issues that potentially restrict freedom of movement of 3G terminals across national borders. As has already been demonstrated by the global success of GSM, circulation of 3G terminals free of customs duties or equipment licensing will be highly desirable to future mobile customers, as well as generating valuable incremental revenues for operators.

  • Terminal type approval processes appropriate for global mobility. The success of 3G will be aided by type approval processes that do not create unnecessary barriers to the introduction of new innovative products in a competitive market place. With pragmatic co-operation between suppliers and operators, interoperability between equipment from different manufacturers will result in reduced end user costs and hence faster market uptake of 3G.

  • Creation of a 'roadmap' to guide standards-makers in managing the evolution of second generation networks to 3G. As 3G enters its pre-commercial phase, individual operators and manufacturers will find it increasingly difficult to contribute their views directly. Within 3GPP, the MRPs will be uniquely positioned to advise on strategies that will deliver service transparency in different environments and according to varying market requirements.

  • In the meeting, the MRPs also welcomed the agreement to incorporate ongoing GSM and EDGE technical development into the work of 3GPP. This move further rationalises the evolution of GSM towards 'third generation' IMT-2000 mobile systems, providing all operators with a smooth transition path to offering high capacity mobile multimedia services in accordance with their own license conditions.

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