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October 18th 1999

3GPP MRP’s united in support of IMT-2000 service requirements

Montreal, 18th October 1999: The first meeting of all four Market Representation Partners (MRP) of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) took place today in Montreal, Canada, 18th October 1999. These four MRP’s together represent a current global user base approaching 400 million mobile subscribers as well as an even greater number of fixed network connections.

The MRP’s agreed to strengthen their contribution towards the work of 3GPP in support of the ITU’s IMT-2000 programme.

They further agreed to promote the successful development and deployment of 3G and will bring consensus views of global market requirements to the 3GPP specification processes. This will be accomplished by adopting a forward-looking, open approach to fulfilling the world’s market-driven requirements.

The MRP’s cover all the world’s major telecommunication interests through their very broad membership base of hundreds of mobile and fixed operators, vendors and regulators, together with the interests of the content and media industries who are preparing for the launch of IMT-2000 3G services in key markets starting in year 2001.

The MRP’s will provide the necessary support and resources to enable the 3GPP to prioritize its work to meet the market’s timescales for successful introduction.


IMT-2000 is the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) framework for third-generation standards.

Technical specifications for IMT-2000 members are being developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)), a global co-operation between six Organisational Partners (ARIB, CWTS, ETSI, T1, TTA, and TTC) who are recognized as being the world’s major standardization bodies from Japan, China, Europe, USA, and Korea.

A Market Representation Partner is any organisation that has been invited by the Organisational Partners to take part in 3GPP, irrespective of geographical location, and who are able to bring pertinent competencies including the ability to offer advice to 3GPP and to bring a consensus view of market requirements falling within the 3GPP scope

The MRP’s are

a) UMTS Forum (

b) GSA, the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (

c) GSM Association (

d) Universal Wireless Communications Consortium (

About the GSA:

GSA - the Global Mobile Suppliers Association - is the forum for the GSM supplier industry. Its members include the leading suppliers of GSM products, systems and services from around the world.

The GSA has two main objectives:

  • to strengthen the promotion of GSM worldwide in new and existing markets, thus ensuring GSM’s continual growth as the de facto world digital cellular standard
  • to promote the evolution of GSM as the platform for delivery of third generation multimedia services.

With a growth approaching four new users per second, GSM is by far the fastest-growing mobile standard. There are now more than 215 million GSM users worldwide. This equates to two-thirds of the global digital cellular market.

For further information, please contact:

Nicola Garman 
GSA Press Officer
Tel: +44 20 8568 5580
Fax: +44 20 8568 5581
Alan Hadden President, GSA
Tel: +44 788 764 5126
Fax: +44 1279 435 443
Visit the GSA web site at

About the GSM Association:

The GSM Association represents the interests of 384 GSM, Satellite and Third Generation (3G) network operators, regulators, administrative bodies and, via Associate Membership, the key GSM manufacturers and suppliers of the GSM industry*. At the beginning of October 1999, the Association’s members provided digital GSM wireless services to more than 215 million customers across five continents. Membership of the Association spans 141 countries and areas of the world.

The GSM Association joined the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as a Market Representation Partner in mid 1999 to participate fully in future development and evolution of 3G technology, ensuring that it is driven by market requirements and consumer needs.

  • Expected to rise to more than 400 members during the Association’s 42nd Plenary meeting 20-22 October 1999

For more information, please contact:

Mark Smith
Companycare Communications Ltd
Tel: + 44 118 958
Fax: + 44 118 959
Mary King
GSM Association
Tel: + 353 1 269 5922
Fax: + 353 1 269 5958
Visit the home of GSM on the web

About the UMTS Forum:

Established in December 1996 and currently comprising 188 companies world-wide, the UMTS Forum is an international and independent body committed through the building of industry consensus to the successful introduction and development of UMTS to satisfy future market demands for low cost, high quality mobile personal communications. UMTS is one of the major new third generation mobile systems being developed within the framework which has been defined by the ITU and known as IMT-2000.

UMTS will deliver pictures, graphics, video communications and other wide-band information as well as voice and data, direct to people who can be on the move. The Forum is a non-profit making, open association of industry players drawn from telecommunications operators, suppliers, regulatory bodies, plus the Information Technology and media sectors.

For press information, please contact

Chris Solbé
UMTS Forum Press Office
Tel: +44 956 388798

Visit the UMTS Forum at

About the UWCC:

The UWCC is a Bellevue, Washington-based international consortium of more than 100 wireless carriers and vendors supporting the TDMA, EDGE and WIN technology standards. Its Board Members include: Alcatel USA, Argentina TDMA Association, AT&T Wireless Services (USA), BellSouth Cellular Corp. (USA), Cable and Wireless (United Kingdom), Cellcom (Israel), Celumovil (Colombia), Compaq Computer Corporation, Ericsson Radio Systems, Hughes Network Systems, Industar Digital PCS (USA), Lucent Technologies, Mobikom SDN BHD (Malaysia), Motorola, Movilnet (Venezuela), Nokia, Nortel Networks, Rogers Cantel (Canada), SBC Wireless (USA), Telecom New Zealand (New Zealand), Telecom Personal (Argentina), Unifon (Argentina) and VimpelCom (Russia).

Chris Pearson
Tel: + 1 425 372-8925
Fax: + 1 425 372 8923

Visit the UWCC at

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