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June 7th - 10th 1999

UMTS FORUM WELCOMES POSITIVE NEWS ON 3G HARMONISATION OHG proposal keeps standardisation process on track without technology compromise

June 7th - 10th 1999, UMTS ’99, Monaco: - On the eve of this year’s UMTS ’99 conference in Monte Carlo, cross-industry group the UMTS Forum has welcomed proposals by the Operators Harmonization Group (OHG) for a single global framework of technical standards for third-generation mobile communications.

Submitted recently to the International Telecommunication Union’s Task Group 8/1, the OHG proposal outlines key technical parameters that will assist the rapid evolution from existing second-generation mobile systems to high speed (up 2Mbit/sec) multimedia-capable third generation (3G) networks that will facilitate tomorrow’s wireless Information Society.

Crucially, the OHG’s proposal caters for three operational modes based on a unified Wideband CDMA third-generation standard. Direct Spread (DS) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) modes allow operators to make use of paired and unpaired spectrum already identified for IMT-2000. Definition of technical specifications for these modes is already progressing within the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the global body bringing together worldwide standards bodies in which the UMTS Forum is a market representation partner.

A third Multi Carrier (MC) mode within the OHG proposal provides a smooth evolutionary path to third-generation for operators of IS-95 networks.

”This extremely positive proposal helps keep third-generation network launches on schedule by assuring an optimised use of resources and a simplified standardisation process”, commented UMTS Forum Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert. ”Within the Forum we also applaud the Operators with their market-led approach to defining requirements for a family of interoperable third-generation standards. Furthermore, the OHG proposal represents an approach that allows all regions to deploy their own 3G solutions without technological compromise.”

It is anticipated that standardisation work will be completed within the ITU before the end of this year, clearing the way for the successful market introduction of UMTS services within the timeframe as originally envisioned by the UMTS Forum. According to its own studies, the Forum believes that this global market for wireless multimedia will exceed 1.7billion users by the year 2010.

”A unified global 3G standard pays immense dividends for all players”, continued Dr Eylert. ”Existing operators are afforded a seamless evolutionary path from second-generation systems, while end users will be able to benefit from enhanced interoperability between third-generation services as they roam worldwide.”

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